Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

For this week’s challenge, I have chosen two photos.  The first photo is a scene that woke me up in the middle of the night, while we were staying in a glass igloo in Northern Finland.  We had waited for hours to see the northern lights outside in the freezing cold earlier this year and had given up.  After falling asleep for about an hour, I woke up and saw this amazing sight.  I took this shot and then we bundled up again and headed out into the freezing cold and were lucky enough to see an amazing show from the northern lights for about an hour:

A stunning sight of the northern lights I woke up to in the middle of the night from our glass igloo!

I managed to set up a tripod in the dark in a very tiny space that was in the center of the two twin size beds to get this shot.  This is the stunning sight of the northern lights we woke up to in the middle of the night from our glass igloo!

The second photo was taken from the top of the tower at the Clarion in Bergen, Norway.  Guests can request a key card to visit the tower and can see amazing panoramic views.  We were hoping to get lucky and see the northern lights again after our luck in Northern Finland earlier this year, but no such luck in Norway!  However, we were still grateful to be treated to this amazing view while we enjoyed a nice relaxing evening outside at the top of the tower: 

The beauty of Bergen, Norway at night!

One of the best kept secrets of Bergen, Norway is the tower at the Clarion.  This is one of the beautiful scenes you can enjoy from the tower at night!

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