Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

This series of photos are from the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress in Finland.  It was a very cold and breezy day, so there were not a lot of people visiting the fortress. We decided to go down this empty street where we stumbled upon a big friendly kitty and around another corner I spotted a guy standing on a boat coming out of one of the buildings.  It matched with the building nicely, so at first I thought it was a part of the building. I believe it is a boat that was just finished being built and was making its ceremonial descent down the little ramp and into the sea!  There was a Finland flag flying and as you can see from the last photo, they lowered the flag right after the boat had successfully made it!


This is when I came around the corner and spotted the beautiful boat sticking out of the building.



The boat making its descent down the ramp.



This image shows the Finland flag being lowered after the boat was successfully launched into the sea!


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