Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

The weekly photo challenge this week comes at a perfect time to introduce our new kitty named Frida! This kitten is an Arabian Mau, and was rescued from the streets by an amazing lady named Jackie who runs a cat rescue group here.  It took us about a month to get her healthy, but she is doing great now and loves to play.  This is a very rare shot as Mia hardly ever takes a nap…  little Frida had jumped on Mia’s back while she was sleeping and then she also fell asleep. I ran to get my camera and snapped this shot. Mia had no idea that Frida slept on her back until after she woke up and I showed her this photo!  💞

Mia and Frida enjoying a nap on the couch!

Dreaming away: Mia and Frida enjoying a nap on the couch!

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