Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!

Oops! I snapped this camel pic at the wrong moment! Even the camel on the left thought it was funny! :)

Oops! I snapped a photo of this camel at the wrong moment! Even the camel on the left thought it was pretty funny, too!

This week’s weekly photo challenge is to post one of our photographic Oops moments! This camel in The Empty Quarter Desert was laying down and suddenly decided to stand up. However, they stand up in such an awkward way that this shot ended up looking pretty funny.  The best part was later seeing the grin on the other camel to the left once I downloaded the photo!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition


I thought this turned out to be an interesting shot from Gatorland in Florida.  I had lived in Florida for 25 years and never made it to this popular attraction until right before we moved to Finland.  My family and I had a lot of fun!

Four scary prehistoric looking gators piled on top of each other with this beautiful white crane just taking a nice leisurely stroll in the water right behind them…  

A beautiful white crane taking a walk behind four scary gators!

A beautiful white crane taking a leisurely stroll behind four scary gators!

It was an amazing morning in my backyard… Two Barred Owls came to visit!


Two Barred Owls came to visit my backyard this morning! There is a family of them that live in the woods behind the house and they have been here for a few years now. I hear them pretty often, but rarely see them and always get excited when they allow me to get close to them to take a few photos. This morning was amazing since I spotted two of them on our mimosa tree. One even hung out on a limb right outside of my window for about two hours to sleep. At one point, he actually laid down with his head facing the ground while sleeping. I had no idea that they could sleep that way and not sitting up like you normally see them. I will miss seeing these beautiful owls when we move away to Finland in about six weeks. It was such an amazing and peaceful morning here in Florida!