ALS: Ice Bucket Challenge~ In honor of my classmate


I have been nominated by my high school classmate, Melissa (Missy) Y., who is currently battling this progressive neurodegenerative disease.  If anyone has any doubts about this challenge, I believe her post below shows that it is certainly making a difference, especially to those who are currently battling ALS.

This has been a very successful campaign for the ALS Association and has brought in an extraordinary amount of donations in such a short time.   I have accepted her challenge, and would also like to encourage my fellow bloggers and readers to help continue the momentum which brings more awareness and funds to help those currently living with ALS and their families and to hopefully one day find a cure!


Here’s our video: 


ALS info

Please make a video, pass along the challenge to three others, and here’s how you can make a difference by donating at one of the links below: 

You can donate to the ALS Association and learn more about the disease at this link:

ALS Association/Ice Bucket Challenge

Missy has also recommended her local chapter for donations:

Or, if you would rather your donations go towards ALS drug development, she has recommended this site for donations:

ALS Therapy Development Institute

Update: Thank you to everyone who has donated at one of the above links so far! I normally do not post my blog posts to Facebook, but have been amazed at the response and those who have let me know that they have donated and also doing the challenge now.  I know that Missy is grateful for those supporting her and this ALS fundraiser.  It certainly gives hope for a cure!