One year Blogiversary and reuniting Mia with her dog (hopefully)!

Mia and her best friend having fun (she calls Audrey her BFF)! This photo was taken the morning we moved to Finland.

Mia and her best friend having fun (she calls Audrey her BFF)! This photo was taken right before we left for Finland.

Happy Friday! It is hard to imagine that it has already been one year since I started this blog.  What a year it has been!! My husband moved to Finland this month last year while Mia and I stayed behind in Florida so that Mia could finish Kindergarten.  It was a rough time for our family while we were apart and we now joke that deciding to be apart for 7 months was the dumbest decision my husband and I have ever made as a couple in the 17 years that we have been together!

Well, we have been back together for almost 6 months and are enjoying our family living in the same place again!  However, we had to leave Mia’s dog Audrey and our dog Ollie behind at my parent’s house in Florida.  Ollie is very old at 13 and Audrey is very big at almost 70 pounds and we were not too sure about bringing them here as we would be renting an apartment and would have to travel.  We also plan to spend a couple of months each year back in Florida. Audrey was originally my parent’s dog, but Mia and her became like two peas in a pod so she became Mia’s dog…   A day hasn’t gone by since the move that Mia has not talked about her best friend, Audrey.  It has been really tough, but Mia has been super excited that she will get to go home to see her dog tomorrow (well, maybe).  We just found out yesterday that some employees at the airline that Mia and I have tickets with (FinnAir) may be going on strike.  We really do not want to let Mia down so we will do our best to find a way to get her home to her best friend.  So far, our flight is not one of the ones cancelled!

It's really cold in Finland, so I am hopeful to be in sunny Florida tomorrow!

It’s really cold and dark (sunsets at 3 something now) in Finland, so I am hopeful to be back home in sunny Florida tomorrow!

I also wanted to thank all of my friends, family and fellow bloggers for following along this past year on my blog!  When I started this blog, I had no idea what I was doing.  I still have a lot of work to do and a lot to learn about blogging, but I am so grateful for the experience so far!  A great big thanks to all of the people who have viewed my blog from the following countries this past year:

Thank you all for viewing my blog!

Thank you all from the above 47 countries for viewing my blog this past year!

1 year blogiversary

2 thoughts on “One year Blogiversary and reuniting Mia with her dog (hopefully)!

  1. One year blogging – congratulations. In last October I have been blogging 4 years. I wish that You will continue blogging because it enriches life. All the best to You and Your family. Matti.


    • Thanks so much for your kind comment Matti! Wow, 4 years! I hope that I can continue with my blog too! I am enjoying being a part of the blogging community. Have a great week! Maybe some snow this week in Finland?! Mia has been waiting for all the Finland snow everyone has been telling her about. 🙂


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