We made it to London! Double-decker red bus here we come!

Mia and I in front of Big Ben!

Mia and I in front of Big Ben!

We made it to London and we are staying very close to Big Ben! This is our first trip to London and our first trip to anywhere else in Europe other than Helsinki, Finland.  We are very excited to tour the area over the next couple of days!  We are too tired to explore tonight after an early flight this morning and barely any sleep last evening, but we are looking forward to getting some rest and to start touring early tomorrow. Mia is super excited to get on a double-decker red bus while we are here!  I will post the photos from our adventure here in London in my next post. Please let me know if anyone has any tips or must sees while we are here. Cheers!!

8 thoughts on “We made it to London! Double-decker red bus here we come!

  1. Mia – do you remember when we learned about London? You said you liked those double decker busses now you have ridden on one. Go by the Queens palace and see if the flag is flying then you will know if she is there or on holiday.


    • Thanks, Mrs. Black! We will be looking for the flag when we visit tomorrow! We have heard that she doesn’t go on holiday until after the weekend. Yay! Mia was super excited to see Big Ben today since she remembered learning about it in class. She will finally get to ride on a double decker bus tomorrow and cannot wait! 🙂


  2. Must see… the new royal baby;can you sneak in there?!! ha. I bet Mia would love to see Hamleys on Regent st. I’ve spent some time over there and love the museums. Be safe.


    • Ha! We haven’t seen the royal baby yet… wish we could sneak in to see him! Thanks so much for suggesting Hamleys… we made it there today and Mia had a blast!! 🙂


  3. It was great start for travelling in Europe. Europe is full of wonderful places. Maybe bests are on the Mediterranean area. Our favorite country is Germany. I love to drive fast on its “autobahnen” because there are no speed limits there.

    BTW, if You visit Paris, do not forget to visit Père Lachaise cemetery. Sounds odd, but worth for visit.

    Have a lovely weekend!


    • Thanks! We do plan to visit Paris in September and will make sure to check out the cemetery! Hope that we can make it to Germany sometime next year. Let me know if you have any tips for Germany too!

      We are enjoying London so far! Looking forward to another day of adventures today! 🙂


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